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Welcome in Website
Elementary School Charitas Jakarta


SD Charitas is An Institute of Education that is Elementary School which have address at Jl. Swakarya C.13A, Pondok Labu, Cilandak, Jakarta Selatan. Zip Code : 12450 Tlp. ( 021) 7669632. Institution of Education of Charitas is as organizer Institute Education from storey level of Play Group ( KB ) Nursery School ( TK ) Elementary School ( SD ) Junior High School ( SMP ) and Senior High School ( SMA ) what have address at Jl. Mawar Indah No.75, Lebak Bulus, Cilandak , Jakarta Selatan 12440. SD (Elementary School Charitas Jakarta , Play Group ( KB ) and Nursery School( TK ) Charitas Jakarta stay in one building of two floors building andAnak-anak berkumpul di Perpustakaan provided with facility of adequate education and which do not less important is stay in environment which is far from noise and frenzied of workdload bothering activity process to Learn and to Teach. To recognize farther information earn you get in History of SD Charitas
In this Website also you can get information nowadays from News of SD Charitas , Tips & Trik , other dissimilar page and Opinion are we which can find ones in as maximal as our ability. You wish to know furthermore hit SD Charitas you can contact direct via Tlp. ( 021) 7669632 and address of E-mail SD Charitas

This Site is provided at the same time with process of study of TI from Designer. Hit content, we hope to earn a few/little giving information hit SD Charitas . If you there is comment or criticize to hit technical / matter hit page in this site please be sent to Administrator
Our expectation hopefully this page can be useful better.

Secure and prosperous Greeting

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Welcoming future , reaching aspiration, going through certifiable education , along in parallel with reaching target which dreamed of..

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